Collective Resistance is personal. It is magical. And it is The Bronx. This project was dreamt up two years ago when, in the company of sisters, we imagined what it would look like to have a project and space of our own. In these intimate conversations we drew out the blueprints of our Collective. By way of tracing lines across experiences that brought us breakthroughs, pain, joy, and back to intimacy and the power of community we realized that we wanted to create a space here in our home, The Bronx. We wanted to this space to be a platform for Black Womxn & Femmes to create events that push the boundaries of what it means to belong in spaces that continuously criticize us and deem us invisible. Even more important, we wanted to provide a loving and critical environment for our sisters and siblings in the struggle who call The Bronx their home and are hungry to create powerful resources, events and build community with more folk. From this dreaming Collective Resistance was born. Today we are super excited to bring this project to life and to provide our community with all the joy, love, resources and specially curated events that it craves. Welcome to Collective Resistance Homies! We hope this spaces brings you as much joy and our resources and event brings you as much power as it does to us!

In Community,

Collective Resistance!




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