About This Project

IMG_3624  Collective Resistance is a narrative/story-sharing blog site created by a Black Dominican learner, story-teller and community organizer who goes by P! or Ariena. The words written here reflect stories collected and shared by members of the Black Caribbean diaspora. It is a space that will continue to breathe life into the ways that Black folks from this diaspora have fought for the survival of souls [our souls] who are continuously pushing back against violence that silences, dehumanizes, misname us and attempts to erases us. As a Black Feminist, youth worker and someone who is diving into the practices of healing justice work through centering the voices of Black folks from the hoods and homes that she belongs to this project is all about collective resistance. It is the first step into a larger project of vulnerability, and honesty, that highlights how our peoples fight back and radicalize what it means to belong in circles/neighborhoods/families/cities/countries that seek to erase our roots. Through this site P! hopes to record the ways that folks from this diaspora challenge anti-blackness, state sanctioned violence, process pain & trauma, experience joy through reclaiming narratives and re-imagine our revolution.

Welcome to this space- In Community, Always.