The Bronx Resistance: Zine (1)

We are super excited to announce the launch of our very first e-zine! The Bronx Resistance: Mapping Our Oral Histories (The Zine)! The Bronx Resistance: Mapping Our Oral Histories is a larger project that we have been dreaming up and planning for the past few months. Unfortunately, many parts of this project have been paused to give us time to move through the changes and shifts of our time. As we work through these changes and start to resume the work on this beautiful project, we wanted to create a fun and easily accessible section of our project. So, we came up with a ZINE! We hope you all enjoy these small pages and we cannot wait to announce all the wonderful things we have been working on for The Bronx! 

You can access the zine by clicking here, or following this link: The BX Resistanze Zine #1

In Community,

Collective Resistance




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